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Peach Cooler is a 4 piece indie pop band hailing from San Diego, ready to get you and your mom dancing. An energetic mix of sun-drenched indie rock and surfy pop music, the band is known for catchy hooks and putting on a show that'll make you move. 

Crowd banter, jam-packed soul-filled vocals, stanky bass that'll turn your limbs to noodles, a smiley ass drummer smashing the drums with ease, and guitar with enough fuzz to make you feel warm, Peach Cooler has the recipe for that Southern California secret sauce. Best part? They're not choosey with who they share it with. 

Disclaimer: audience members usually leave Peach Cooler shows with questions such as: "holy hell, how did they just noodle so hard?" and "how is it possible to have so many attractive people in the audience?" Please join at your own discretion. 




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